The National Galley of Australia is a place where exceptional displays, exhibitions and programs are organized to bring out the cultural heritage and the arts of Australia. The purpose of this gallery is to showcase to the public of Australia and its tourists the various forms of visual arts and also make them understand what visual arts are all about. The National Visual Arts Education Conference (NVAEC) is also presented by the National Gallery of Australia and it is a conference where people interested in visual arts education that part from all across Australia and also from other countries.

National Gallery of Australia takes great pride in welcoming the delegates to the National Visual Arts Education Conference and it has paved way for many young and budding artistic talents in the country to get educated from the top notch artists from across the globe. It is a unique experience that anyone interested in visual arts must surely attend to enrich his or her knowledge about visual arts.

The NVAEC conference is all about learning from the bigwigs of the artistic world. It is a place where national as well as international keynote speakers bring to light the broad interests as well as the key issues of the visual art education. It is a conference for pre-school, primary and middle school, tertiary and secondary educators as well as for educators and artists of museum and other public gallery sectors. It is the most happening place as far as visual creative arts are concerned.

Some of the key highlights of the NVAEC program are panel sessions, studio workshops, keynote papers and conference papers. It is the best place for all the budding artists in any level to develop their artistic skill and to improve upon their artistic and professional knowledge. Attending this conference for three days will enrich a budding artist’s mind with every aspect of good visual art work. You can walk out of the NVAEC conference with a renewed energy and the encouragement that you can also become one of the greatest visual artists of the world.

There is no better place to attend a National Visual Arts Education Conference than at the renowned art home of Australia, The National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. This gallery is committed to presenting its visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the national collection of art along with other education, exhibition and public programs so that it provides its visitors with a unique and enjoyable artistic experience that they have never seen before. It is a good place to visit for all budding visual art enthusiasts and attending the NVAEC program organized at this stupendous venue itself will drive more and more art lovers to take part in the conference.

The National Visual Arts Education Conference is the perfect place for connecting curriculum, classrooms and the visual art collections. It is a place where you don’t just get the opportunity to learn from popular artists, but will also get to see some of the best artworks of renowned artists.